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Replacement Control Valve Trim Parts

Gem-Trim has a library in excess of 150,000 drawings representing parts from major OEM’s like…Fisher®, CCI®, FlowServe® (Valtek)®, Copes-Vulcan®, Leslie® and many more. Gem-Trim parts are manufactured in strict accordance with the Quality Program to a unique drawing that accurately documents dimensions, materials, special processes and quality requirements with full material traceability being maintained throughout the production cycle. All parts manufactured by Gem-Trim are subject to rigorous QC inspection using calibrated instruments and gauges certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. All parts manufactured by Gem-Trim meet or exceed the quality of the OEM and are guaranteed to be interchangeable in fit, form and function.

Refurbished Control Valve Trim Parts

Gem-Trim can offer tremendous savings by refurbishing your control valve parts. Where high-value parts can be salvaged, Gem-Trim conducts a full dimensional and metallurgical inspection and documents the processes required to re-manufacture or recondition the part(s) to the “as new” condition.

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